Oliver was an 8 year old senior, needing to find a new home.  Unlike most rescue scenarios, Oliver wasn’t being given up or abandoned – in fact Oliver had a loving mom who didn’t want to let him go.  Sadly, Oliver’s mom had some medical conditions that would prevent her from properly caring for him.  In addition, Oliver had a few of his own that needed to be treated.

Oliver’s journey began in Illinois, and with the help of a few pilots we moved him to NYC.  Oliver’s mom began a search, enlisting the help of her vet, to find him a new furever home where he would be taken care of.  We helped transport Oliver on the third leg of his journey home.

To say he was sweet would be an understatement – as much as I tried to keep him in the co-pilot seat on his bed, he insisted time and time again to be with me; I finally relented and let him fly on my lap for the trip home.  Oliver is yet one of many I don’t forget too quickly, every animal that crosses your path leaves a paw print on your heart.

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