Sammy, Simon, and Heather

This is the story of Sammy, Simon, and Heather.  All were abuse cases, taken in by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.  Simon and Heather had bad cases of mange;  Sammy had been shot in the head, spray painted, and drug behind a vehicle.

These flights can usually be fairly physically draining; in this case, it was every bit as emotionally draining as well. It is very difficult to think of what absolutely horrifying moments Sammy endured at the hands of “humans” before his rescue; the thought of his pleas, his screams, having been drug behind a car, spray painted blue, and shot in the head, he treats me with only love and compassion not shown to him.

Animal abuse brings to light the very extremes of human behavior – the worst from the abuser, and the best from the rescuers. Mentally you fight the urge to want to erase such beings from the face of the planet, while feeling sorry for them at the same time; for these people must have come from an environment or experiences torturing of themselves.

I do not believe this is what life on this planet was meant to be. Whatever the root cause of this perversion may be, I truly hope that as we evolve as beings on this rock, that we can stop it. The greatest day I could ever ask for is the day these “animals” are no longer needed to be saved from us “humans”.

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Sammy, Simon, and Heather
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