This is the story of Peter; it is not an easy story to tell. Peter was a senior, found during the search of an abandoned building by NYC Police, tied up and left to die alone. He was then transported to NYACC for intake; during his examination it was found that Peter had terminal cancer of the liver and spleen. It seemed Peter would die alone, just as he was found.

Thankfully, Imagine Pet Rescue stepped in and pulled Peter from the shelter.  Once it was known of his condition, the race was on to get him to a furever home in Pittsburgh PA, for his finals days.  Through a network of volunteers, we were alerted to Peters urgency and offered to help; a sweet and wonderful Sasha Bruno transported Peter from NYC to meet us at an airport in NJ.

We transported Peter from NJ to his new furever mom, Amber, just outside of Pittsburgh PA.  Sadly, Peter passed on just 3 days after his transport; however in the time preceding that, he knew love, compassion, and caring like he’d never known before.  I only knew this senior for 3 hours, but I cried over him for days…everyone that came into his presence was transformed by him; an animal treated so poorly, yet so gentle, despite what was done to him, he only wanted to make you happy.  RIP sweet Peter, you will never be forgotten.

Since May of 2015, we've helped save over 2019furry friends; below are a few of their stories.
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