Maximus was used as a bait dog, abused and left to die in a North Carolina cemetery.  When found, he had over 150 infected bite wounds on his body and legs; the local vet wanted to put him down, but that wasn’t allowed to happen.

We helped transport him to NYC, where he was rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, and taken care of and attended to by the Faithful Friends Animal Hospital.  Days after his surgery we visited and spent 2 wonderful hours with him.

Due to the extent of his injuries his leg had to be amputed; however this did not slow him down.  He was quickly adopted in the Philadelphia area, and is doing very well today; lucky for us he’s only 45 minutes away, and we have visited him twice now 🙂

He has 2 sisters, one of which also has only 3 legs, so he fits right in.  Of all of the transports I have done, none have affected me as deeply as this one – this poor little pup did nothing to deserve what happened to him, but has since deserved every bit of love and compassion shown to him.



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