This is the story of Bo, initially known as Archie.  Bo was found lying on the side of the road in rural North Carolina on a Friday night, having been struck by a car.  A young good samaritan stopped to help, picked him up, took him immediately to the vet, and plunked down his own credit card to get the urgent care needed.  Bo had extensive nerve damage and was unable to control his bowels or his hind legs.

As the story of Bo spread across the internet,  Rescue Dogs Rock NYC pledged to take him.  We received a call to help the next day; time was of the essence and we needed to move quickly; a plan was put into place, and we would help get Bo from the Carolina’s up to NYC.  On Monday, April 18th, we loaded up and headed south.  We met another pilot who helped move him from NC to VA; there we gently transferred Bo to our aircraft and turned tail for NYC.

Just over 2 hours later we arrived in Morristown NJ to meet his ground transport to Faithful Friends Animal Hospital in Brooklyn; today Bo is recovering, has regained use of his legs and tail, and is expected to make a full recovery.

From left for dead in NC on a Friday night, to the vets office for enhanced care in NYC by Monday morning, it’s nothing short of amazing for Bo, thanks to all of the wonderful folks that stepped up to help.


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